how to ACTUALLY realize your dreams

Set goals… the end?

If only it was that easy…

Today we dig into a bit of a conversation about the instant-gratification desires of the phone addicted world we live in.

We explore what it really takes to get you to where you want to be, and the mechanics of that.

Spoiler: set goals. Small ones every day. Bigger ones every week. Measure them.

This is something I know I’ve gotten cocky about. Recently I’ve started to realize some of my arrogance.

Goal-setting isn’t something you can ever ‘know’ - it’s something you do.

Are you doing it? If not, are you growing?

I hope you enjoy today’s episode of sam. by Sam Gray, and I look forward to a quick chat with you next week <3

an unprofessional first episode

My beautiful friends, welcome to the beginning of a journey.

This is round three at the podcast game for me, and one thing I’m doing different this time is making a big deal of starting.

The end.

Here are the notes I had for this show if you’re curious:

Why I have decided to make this podcast for you

  • I am so blessed to have friends who are artists, using the precious gifts to share themselves purely with the world, and I want to bring your attention to them to receive their awesome gifts

    • i also am really curious about art and creativity myself. I want to learn more from these artists so I can create and share more beautiful art with you.

  • The world doesn’t have enough positive messages in it, and it is so easy to feel they are so distant. I want to make a podcast that is all good, all love, all smile, all joy, all the fucking time. I want to have positive people on talking about positive fantastic things that are components of a great world.

  • I want to be honest, truthful, and connected to reality with you. I want you to come to realize how insanely positive this world we live in is. It can’t help itself from constantly for a reason!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want to show you how to connect deeply to yourself - more deeply - to better connect with everyone else. I want to bring the spiritual realm into your life, and give you an opportunity to explore the depths of this beautiful life we all share.

  • I want to make this podcast, because I want to get better at speaking and hone my craft. I want to get better at approaching people who intimidate me, and learn more from other artists. I want to share what I learn with the world!! I want to spread the love, and receive more opportunities to more deeply experience your gifts

  • I want to be seen, I want to more deeply connect to the world. I want to be here with you. Now. I want to show you how insanely beautiful, talented, powerful, rich, and sexy I am, so you can find these things within yourself.

I want to teach you the basics of CBT, and neuroplasticity, and how to sustain change in yourself (and those around you). I want to give you the tools to deeply transform your dream life into the reality you want, and to keep it there.

I want to show you that your life isn’t worth escaping, but it is Heaven on Earth. I want to bring you into a high energy environment, share other high energy people with you, and increase all of our energies together!!!!!!

I am making this podcast because I want to share my voice with the world. I believe that I am a deeply fucking awesome person. I believe me and you are one and the same. I believe you deserve to be heard, seen, to be experienced in as deep a way as possible. I believe the world wants more of you. I want to show the world more of you. I want the world to embrace more of your beautiful gifts. I cannot fucking WAIT to enter into DREAMLAND.

DREAMLAND is where dreams are reality, and your reality is a dream. You are no longer you, bu instead a character. You are not burdened with the weight of your decisions, and instead you are free to go for everything you want.

Your life is already perfect, I am making this podcast to show you exactly that.